Parenting for Today

What is this thing called parenting?
Am I doing it right?

Welcome to the website of Dr James Best, one of Australia's leading paediatric family doctors. Here you will find his weekly blog posts on parenting issues relevant to the modern Australian parent, complete with videos of Dr James Best explaining each topic. There is also available on this site his comprehensive e-book, Kidsense, a nearly 300-page guide to all important aspects of child growth, development, safety and health.

Ep2 – Babies and crying

‘I had no idea this was going to happen.’ Jenny stumbled up and down the hallway, carrying her first born, now 3 months old, in her arms who just.won’t.stop.crying. Nothing seems to work, and it seems to be going on forever. Her husband tries to help out as best he can, but hey, he can’t breast feed. He knows she is exhausted, and is worried about her. Maybe there is something wrong with my son? Maybe I am doing something…

Ep1 – Have you ever wondered what kind of parent you want to be?

Do you think how children turn out is determined more by nature or nurture? How do you think you are going to effectively connect with your child? Key points Nature and nurture work together. Provide authoritative parenting delivered in the right tone. Provide guidance that builds on their existing skills. Be warm and reassuring. Parents often find these type of questions ones they only reflect upon as they are about to become or have already become parents. Let’s reflect on…